Hercules Air Trampoline - Quick Review/Rant - 2020

There is very little information about this trampoline so here is my quick and hasty review, hope it helps :)

These trampolines are sold direct by the manufacturer, either on their website (herculesstore.co.nz) or via trademe. It is a mid range trampoline, below the top end spring free versions but above the kmart/warehouse lower end of the market. I believe the owner is chinese, designed in NZ but manfactured in China. This was their second generation version.

Brought this in 2019, offered a very helpful/constructive review via feedback form on their site but was never shown. Sad given other reviews were "great trade", etc. . now after one season I feel compelled to write a more honest review. .

Framing was not as sturdy/thick as expecting but its plenty strong enough, some rusting at joins but probably with some extra care or lubricant this could be avoided, the springs won't rust and will likely outlast the mat/netting etc. I asked about replacement mat at the time but they never followed up on it.

Netting is great, well stitched/solid. I incorrectly between the entrace placed the seam of two matts and it had started tearing. Some friendlier instructions for install and tips and tricks would have avoided this problem as well as some general pain putting the framing (circle) together! Of course it has a few page of small print black and white instructions, sigh.

Biggest fault at this point is the bottom and top edging has completed fallen apart, perhaps it was not UV treated. Now every jump puffs little bits of fabric in the air which are being breathed in when playing, very dissapointing.

Would I buy this trampoline again? Yeah I would but the edging is a big dissapointment and I will likely try to remove all trace of it so its not floating in the air everytime we are on it.

Update: I see on their site they are no longer selling them, just the accessories. So perhaps they have given up selling them for now? Originally when I purchased this it was half the price that I later saw them advertising, perhaps they have realised its not sellable at that price point?

TiM Aug 2020